Looking at your dreams goals and achievements

Look ahead to December 2018. What do you see in your future? Have you achieved your dreams and goals? Did your vision come to pass or did you lose focus?

If you have lost focus, why not join me on this interactive workshop which will help to rekindle and bring those dreams and goals back to life!

This workshop will focus on:

Looking at your dreams goals and achievements

Obstacles you may be facing in achieving your dreams and goals

Action planning and setting realistic goals

How to stay focused, motivated and more …

Light refreshments will be provided

Date: Thursday 22nd of March
Location: 59, Elgin Avenue, W9 2DB (entrance on Chippenham Road)
Time:  7pm – 9pm

contact: info@beingmadewhole.co.uk

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Kindred Studios coming to W9


Kindred Studios
  are a not-for-profit organisation, currently based in Ladbroke Grove, supporting 90+ artists and makers by providing affordable studio spaces and bringing creatives together in a supportive, community-focused environment. We are going to be moving to a new larger site in Queens’s Park in the next couple of months – taking over the site of City of Westminster College, Queen’s Park Campus – and opening up the space to 100 new artists/creatives.

We also have a few bursaries available for young emerging creatives, providing free studio space for a year, and a subsidy thereafter.

For more information please contact Leena Patel on 07779 327 535

Kickstart your Motivation

Grace Erin Reed
Grace Erin Reid
Entrepreneurial life – this path, can be lonely, intimidating, overwhelming. This journey, demands consistent confidence and enduring bravery. You don’t need an illusion – you need support through challenges, a sounding board for standing at commercial cross roads and above all you need focus and motivation to realise your goals.

However, this can be tough, as you step into unchartered waters it is easy to become subsumed with the day to day grind of getting your business up and running which means that your important social circle and home life can fall by the wayside.

Apathy can often set in as you start to feel isolated, lost, stuck and demotivated as your plans take longer than anticipated to come to fruition.

Kickstart Your Motivation is an interactive workshop that has been designed to equip you with the tools to stay focussed, positive and motivated to achieve your objectives.

This interactive workshop will look at:
The challenges you face as an entrepreneur/business owner
What de-motivates you and why?
How to identify and manage de-motivation

  • Reality check
  • Inner dialogue
  • Inner dialogue strategies
  • Motivation toolkit

    Guest speaker Mareli Pelzer from The Tastery
    from running her supper clubs from home too becoming part of the renowned Grub Club

    Date: 28th March 2017 (Tuesday)
    Venue: Westminster Enterprise Centre, 59 Elgin Avenue, London W9 2DB
    Time: 9.45 registration until 1pm
    To register please click on this eventbrite link
    or  for more information please contact us
    020 7266 06365
    email: kim@pdt.org.uk

Claire Dell, creator and artist for Declaire Decor

Claire Dell, creator and artist for Declaire Decor

I have always felt attracted to diverse and creative atmospheres on and off screen that I applied my interests into Saint Martins College of Art and completed a degree in theatre design in 2007. My influences and passions for Avant guard music, scenic painting and the works of Hollywood director Busby Berkley pushed my creativity into producing feature walls for commercial and private spaces.

As a resident of Westminster, I discovered Westminster Enterprise Centre in 2013 and became acquainted to regular workshops and business advice, that the opportunity to present my works in their space became a clear prospect to advertise my services.

Their venue brings a wide circle of clients from alternative business backgrounds and in 2016 the staff of PDT, decided to change the interior décor. The kitchen was a perfect place where I was able to bring one of my concepts to life and express it large.  The theme generated after feedback and suggestions from the users of Westminster Enterprise Centre that was nature, flora and fauna. After deciding on tropical birds, I decided to express my love of gilding onto the painting, a feature that I incorporate in DeClaire Decor.

Declaire Decor is my creative brand that offers bespoke art, creating the feature walls. My applications are entirely hand crafted and included gilding and fabric applications onto walls as well as painting intriguing concepts.

The entire process of creating the feature wall in Westminster Enterprise Centre was a pleasure for the clients, visitors, staff as well as myself, witnessing the transformation and the unknowing to what was about to come. Every occasion I was painting, new as well as regular faces was expressing curiosity and wonderment to the development; this response was live art. It became clear that the satisfaction wasn’t just about the end result, it was the journey taken.

From this I have understood how fascinated people are to watch live art and how it allows their minds to open to new insights towards creativity and entertains them also. As of now I am focusing on new concepts based on flora and fauna and excited to work in further community venues.

Claire Dell BA: Spatial designer
Declaire Decor: Curator and Artist                                                                                            


Email: hello@declairedecor.com
Mobile: 078 8885 554

Secure funding to start a business

Tanya lives in Westminster with her family, her partner and two children. She had been working as a PSV driver for fifteen years so understands the hard work that would be required to run a successful business as a Private Hire and Reward driver. Her father worked as an HGV driver and another member of her family drives a London bus.

Tanya decided in 2016 to start her own business but to do so she would require funding. Her good friend Jean recommended that she work with Westminster-Enterprise Centre to help her secure funding to start her business.

When Jean started her own business, 12years ago, she also went to the WEC who provided her with advice and funding to start up as a PSV driver.

After writing her business plan with help from Jean, PSV driver and good friend, and Maria Stammers, Business Advisor, Tanya secured the full amount of funding she applied for.

She now has a bus that can accommodate 16 passengers  and her aim is to run a small friendly business offering a door to door punctual scheduled service that is available throughout the week and weekends.

Start Up Loans
Available for Small Businesses

5 Quick Ways to get your Business noticed Online (2 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

1. Use social media to do more than just sell your product or service. Social media is the best way to get your business noticed online, but be careful. Don’t use every post and tweet to tout your product or service. Instead, mix in some links to interesting stories that are relevant to your industry […]

via 5 Quick Ways to get your Business noticed Online (2 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Shahnaz Shirani Architectural Interior designer

Shahnaz Shirani 
Architectural Interior designer


I am an Architectural Interior designer with experience of delivering creative innovative designs with a first class degree from the London Metropolitan University.

My interest in design started from my teens when I immersed myself into traditional Persian architecture, fuelled on by my father who was a jewellery designer/seller based in Kuwait and Dubai with a full portfolio of international clients.

My frequent trips around the world experiencing different cultures and architecture have had a large influence on my work. Traveling has given me the passion and experience in merging the old and the new to create an abundance of relevant design.

For the client with individuality and personal expression I can combine modern pieces and antiques from different continents that will create a unique tailor made style for their residence or business.

I do both commercial and residential interior design. Based in London with easy access to any parts of the world.

Shahnaz is currently in Dubai working with a private client on a residential, five bedroom villa.

mailchimp_slogoShahnaz Shirani
Interior Designer
+44 7833 376 156

Business Coaching at Westminster Enterprise Centre

The Westminster Enterprise Centre, part of Paddington Development, provides business support for residents and businesses in London on a one-to-one basis and through business training. In line with its objectives, a collaboration between the Centre and business coach Angela Belotti has led to a 6-month coaching programme to support a group of micro-business owners, and individuals at a turning point in their professional life.

The programme started in November and has since provided fortnightly one-to-one coaching sessions to its participants. Although the content of each session is being tailored to the participants’ individual business and personal circumstances, some of the areas on which the coaching is focussing includes:

  •  Clarifying business or personal ambitions.
  •  Defining business vision, purpose and values.
  •  Business diagnostics, strategic planning and performance evaluation.
  • Goal setting in line with business vision or personal ambition.
  •  Defining the target market, ideal customer and the product/service.
  •  Promoting the product/service.
  •  Developing a decision and achiever mind-set.
  •  Time management, work-life balance, life priorities alignment.
  •  Personal and professional growth.

Although, the programme has yet to reach its mid-point, participants have already been benefitting from it. The results for some have shown an increase in projected turnover by over 50%, focussed and effective marketing activities, re-defined the business target market and product range, improved websites, had the offer of an executive employment position, and made and implemented significant life changes.

Here is what the programme participants are saying about the value gained from the coaching to date.

The Coaching for Achievement programme with Angela is allowing me to learn the power of focusing my energies on what it is I want to achieve in business and perhaps more importantly being given the tools with which to do it. I feel empowered by the experience and I cannot wait to learn as much as I can and apply it to this and future business ideas”. – Judy Barr Designs

The coaching process is helping me to stop, take time out, reflect, and do a reality-check on my life. I have discovered that I am at a crossroads. The various exercises that Angela has been taking me through are helping me to review, to focus on what important decisions I need to make and do next to move on into the future“. – Tim Skene, Centre Manager at London Jesus Centre.

Working with Angela is like placing a mirror in front you – a mirror that is able to put a spot light on areas of your personality or habits that need improvement. We all may be aware of these areas but may not have the discipline to push for change. These sessions with Angela, have made me accountable to show progress and improvement, at every session, adding great speed to the rate at which I am able to achieve my objectives.
Further, Angela has a unique ability to allow you to envision your goals, clarify them and see elaborate details of your goal coming alive. This conceptual and prolonged process of Q&A pushes for clear short term and long term planning that serves as a scientific approach to achieving your goals. I have understood the value of Angela’s method of planning and her critical and periodic feedback on the strength of my plan.

 I am ever grateful to Westminster Enterprise Centre for giving me this opportunity to work with Angela.  I have greatly benefited through my sessions with her. They have resulted in a positive turn in my personal and professional life through awareness and accountability”.  – Programme participant.

Being able to deal with doubts by answering questions to myself instead of being told what to do is extremely powerful. This has allowed me to trust myself more and it is not just about being confident outside, with others, but also confident inside, with my own thoughts.

“Might be …” or “would be nice …” have now become “Doing” and “what’s next”. 

I have also learned that getting things done is not just about ticking a to-do list, but about reviewing what’s been done and how to develop from it further for a desirable outcome.
Started to focus on what has been achieved instead of what is missing -that turned out to be so much easier.
In actual results, productivity level has skyrocketed”. –  Programme participant.

As an artist, it has been extremely challenging to think and act business minded. To have been coached by Angela, my thinking process and attitude to business is finally getting unlocked. At every session my brain is tugged to get finally to understand how I can make success happen and where my old thinking has had me tangled to prevent opportunities. I come out of every session with fresh perspectives, making me feel more confident towards my success criteria getting complete”. – Claire Dell, CEO of Declaire Decore

If you wish to explore how coaching can benefit your business or personal life, contact Angela at contact@angelabelotti.com

For information on business support at Westminster Enterprise Centre, call 020 7266 0636 or email at info@westminster-enterprise.org.uk


From acorns do mighty oaks grow

Shu Jun Healthcare established in 2008 by Dr Shu Jun, have now moved to beautiful new premises around the corner from their old establishment on Chippenham Road. The newly opened premises are warm and quiet and are located at No 4 Maryland Road, London W9 2DZ. This is now the third health centre Dr Shu Jun has opened since starting her business back in 2008.

The opening day will be held on Wednesday the 10th February from 10am – 7pm

Shujun Healthcare