King’s Business School – Business Consultancy

King’s Business School – Business Consultancy


“How can I improve my business’s sales?”
“How can I make the most of social media to grow my business?”
“How do I launch a new product?”
“How can I build my team without losing its focus?”
“How can I find sources of funding?”
“How can I make my business more efficient?”

These are just some of the questions you will face as an entrepreneur, alongside the daily challenges of keeping your business on course. Do you ever wish someone could do some of the thinking for you?

Westminster City Council and King’s College London are committed to supporting local businesses, and are collaborating on a pilot basis to offer six enterprises in the Westminster area the opportunity to receive business consultancy from ambitious and skilled King’s Business School students, totally free of charge. They can offer support on a range of business topics, including:

  • recruitment & HR
  • marketing & social media
  • financial analysis
  • strategy & business planning
  • data analysis

If you’re interested in this opportunity, get in touch with Westminster City Council as soon as possible. The scheme is run on a first-come-first-served basis, and expressions of interest must be received before 19 January.

If your proposal is accepted, you will be contacted by King’s Business School students to set up an initial meeting where you will discuss your question with them. The students will report back to you within 4 weeks with their analysis and recommendations, in a 20-minute presentation supported by a written report.

What are you waiting for…?!

If you are interested in applying for this offer please complete this form and return to Westminster Business Unit at or
on 020 7641 2070.


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