Exercise and Nutrition

Exercise and NutritionNew Year! New Beginnings 2018!

Sorry this event has now been cancelled due to illness.

Are you looking to get into shape, lose weight and increase your energy and fitness levels? Are you ready to refocus, readjust and restart?
Why not join me for Nutrition & Fitness Workshop for women
This interactive workshop will help you to move closer to your nutrition and fitness goals …

We will look at:

  • Healthy eating – different food groups nutritional values
  • Tips on how to make healthier choices by choosing healthier foods for energy
  • Quick, easy healthy snack ideas
  • Practical, actionable advice to help improve your nutritional eating and fitness levels
  • Goal setting and creating goals to help you start the new year the way you mean to continue
  • Workout session with quick simple daily exercises to improve flexibility and body shape

What you need to do:

Wear trainers and comfortable clothing for exercising


What will be provided:


Fresh fruit & vegetables

Goody bag to help start you on your journey to a healthier/fitter you!

This workshop will empower you with tips and practical advice to help you make healthier choices to kickstart 2018



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