Kickstart your Motivation

Grace Erin Reed
Grace Erin Reid
Entrepreneurial life – this path, can be lonely, intimidating, overwhelming. This journey, demands consistent confidence and enduring bravery. You don’t need an illusion – you need support through challenges, a sounding board for standing at commercial cross roads and above all you need focus and motivation to realise your goals.

However, this can be tough, as you step into unchartered waters it is easy to become subsumed with the day to day grind of getting your business up and running which means that your important social circle and home life can fall by the wayside.

Apathy can often set in as you start to feel isolated, lost, stuck and demotivated as your plans take longer than anticipated to come to fruition.

Kickstart Your Motivation is an interactive workshop that has been designed to equip you with the tools to stay focussed, positive and motivated to achieve your objectives.

This interactive workshop will look at:
The challenges you face as an entrepreneur/business owner
What de-motivates you and why?
How to identify and manage de-motivation

  • Reality check
  • Inner dialogue
  • Inner dialogue strategies
  • Motivation toolkit

    Guest speaker Mareli Pelzer from The Tastery
    from running her supper clubs from home too becoming part of the renowned Grub Club

    Date: 28th March 2017 (Tuesday)
    Venue: Westminster Enterprise Centre, 59 Elgin Avenue, London W9 2DB
    Time: 9.45 registration until 1pm
    To register please click on this eventbrite link
    or  for more information please contact us
    020 7266 06365


One thought on “Kickstart your Motivation

  1. Hi Kim, Hope you are good. Yes, I would like to be re-motivated on 28/03. I am still on my journey to self-employment although my destination has changed a bit. Please book me in for 28/03. Thank you. All the best. Linda Rostron (07910 837579) (16 Marysmith House, 45 Causton Street, London, SW1P 4AT)

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