Claire Dell, creator and artist for Declaire Decor

Claire Dell, creator and artist for Declaire Decor

I have always felt attracted to diverse and creative atmospheres on and off screen that I applied my interests into Saint Martins College of Art and completed a degree in theatre design in 2007. My influences and passions for Avant guard music, scenic painting and the works of Hollywood director Busby Berkley pushed my creativity into producing feature walls for commercial and private spaces.

As a resident of Westminster, I discovered Westminster Enterprise Centre in 2013 and became acquainted to regular workshops and business advice, that the opportunity to present my works in their space became a clear prospect to advertise my services.

Their venue brings a wide circle of clients from alternative business backgrounds and in 2016 the staff of PDT, decided to change the interior décor. The kitchen was a perfect place where I was able to bring one of my concepts to life and express it large.  The theme generated after feedback and suggestions from the users of Westminster Enterprise Centre that was nature, flora and fauna. After deciding on tropical birds, I decided to express my love of gilding onto the painting, a feature that I incorporate in DeClaire Decor.

Declaire Decor is my creative brand that offers bespoke art, creating the feature walls. My applications are entirely hand crafted and included gilding and fabric applications onto walls as well as painting intriguing concepts.

The entire process of creating the feature wall in Westminster Enterprise Centre was a pleasure for the clients, visitors, staff as well as myself, witnessing the transformation and the unknowing to what was about to come. Every occasion I was painting, new as well as regular faces was expressing curiosity and wonderment to the development; this response was live art. It became clear that the satisfaction wasn’t just about the end result, it was the journey taken.

From this I have understood how fascinated people are to watch live art and how it allows their minds to open to new insights towards creativity and entertains them also. As of now I am focusing on new concepts based on flora and fauna and excited to work in further community venues.

Claire Dell BA: Spatial designer
Declaire Decor: Curator and Artist                                                                                    

Mobile: 078 8885 554


One thought on “Claire Dell, creator and artist for Declaire Decor

  1. ohmygosh!!!! this is soooo vibrant!!! Appreciate your work!! I just did a hand decorated feature wall as well using some unusual not so ordinary and yet easy to use materials in my Modern Memohis inspired bedroom!!

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