Secure funding to start a business

Tanya lives in Westminster with her family, her partner and two children. She had been working as a PSV driver for fifteen years so understands the hard work that would be required to run a successful business as a Private Hire and Reward driver. Her father worked as an HGV driver and another member of her family drives a London bus.

Tanya decided in 2016 to start her own business but to do so she would require funding. Her good friend Jean recommended that she work with Westminster-Enterprise Centre to help her secure funding to start her business.

When Jean started her own business, 12years ago, she also went to the WEC who provided her with advice and funding to start up as a PSV driver.

After writing her business plan with help from Jean, PSV driver and good friend, and Maria Stammers, Business Advisor, Tanya secured the full amount of funding she applied for.

She now has a bus that can accommodate 16 passengers  and her aim is to run a small friendly business offering a door to door punctual scheduled service that is available throughout the week and weekends.

Start Up Loans
Available for Small Businesses


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