Workshop 27th October 2016 (Thursday evening)
time: 6.00pm starting at 6.30pm until 8pm
venue: Westminster Enterprise Centre, 59 Elgin Avenue, W9 2DB (entrance on Chippenham Road)
If you would like to attend this event please book your FREE place on eventbrite

According to Jo Lynn, whose tag is PR Yogi, her many years of experience on Fleet Street and in PR mega-agencies are of no use to small businesses and start-ups.  Start-ups simply don’t have the resources to mimic big agency behaviour per se”, she claims. What she can show small businesses is how to think like a big agency by being strategic.  If you are time poor – and which small business isn’t – forget planning a campaign that requires two days a week of input.  “The key is learning how to derive the most impact for the least budget and the least time”, Jo states.

“My Consultancies and training programmes are tailored for small businesses who may only have one hour a week to spend on PR and social media” With 20 years’ experience of consultancy to small businesses, Jo has devised ways and tips to build a brand strategically without sweat.

  • Most start-ups don’t have a clear idea of what their brand is when they begin. Jo shows you how to discover who you are and what you are and helps you define explanations about your brand in a clear, simple and easy to understand way.   Meetings are a real time killer.  Jo shows you ways to make meetings far more effective and less wasteful.
  •  Why don’t journalists and social media pick up on your postings? Jo shows you how to be an effective communicator.
  •  Concentrate on your targets: a small business failing is trying to reach too many targets and achieving nothing.  Jo shows you how to be an effective communicator.
  •  Jo shows you how to prioritise and then spend your time on your key targets so that you get results
M: 07958 612 166
Tel: 020 7 328 3443

If you would like to attend this event please book your FREE place on eventbrite 


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