Shahnaz Shirani Architectural Interior designer

Shahnaz Shirani 
Architectural Interior designer


I am an Architectural Interior designer with experience of delivering creative innovative designs with a first class degree from the London Metropolitan University.

My interest in design started from my teens when I immersed myself into traditional Persian architecture, fuelled on by my father who was a jewellery designer/seller based in Kuwait and Dubai with a full portfolio of international clients.

My frequent trips around the world experiencing different cultures and architecture have had a large influence on my work. Traveling has given me the passion and experience in merging the old and the new to create an abundance of relevant design.

For the client with individuality and personal expression I can combine modern pieces and antiques from different continents that will create a unique tailor made style for their residence or business.

I do both commercial and residential interior design. Based in London with easy access to any parts of the world.

Shahnaz is currently in Dubai working with a private client on a residential, five bedroom villa.

mailchimp_slogoShahnaz Shirani
Interior Designer
+44 7833 376 156


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