Crowd Funding with MBJ London

MBJ LONDONFind out how to Plan, Launch, and Manage a Successful  Crowd Funding  Campaign with MBJ London …

29th September 2016 (Thursday evening) 6pm for 6.30pm – 8pm
Venue: Westminster Enterprise Centre
MBJ is a London-based web development company with the mission to help small businesses go digital through WaaS – Website as a Service. WaaS is an innovative package that encompasses the design, development, and maintenance that are required to have a flawless web presence.

With the aim to revolutionise the global web design and development industry, MBJ is making websites an easily accessible service, rather than an expensive product. The right balance between a highly streamlined process, whilst taking a customised approach, is making MBJ a market leader in the creation of digital solutions for SMEs.

WaaS offers the perfect balance between human interaction using an agile methodology, and affordability through cutting edge technology. MBJ has developed highly customised, enterprise-level backend management software specifically for WaaS. This ensures seamless information and operational workflows, coupled with the ability to rapidly scale and grow the business.

MBJ recently ran a very successful crowd funding round on the London based platform Crowdcube. After setting out to raise £350K, MBJ raised £715K in just 30 days, from over 300 investors, many of whom are seasoned angel investors. This serves to show that the market clearly understands the huge opportunity that can be found with WaaS.
Website as a Service (WaaS): Design, Build and Manage. A simple and hassle free approach to web development.
MBJ London crowd funding campaign
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call us on 020 7266 0636 or email for more enquires 


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