When facing redundancy after working with the same organisation for twenty-two years, finding a new job can be a daunting prospect. So local mum Carol decided to register as a self-employed cake maker, continuing to look for part time work to support her self-employment. Work had been hard to find so Carol turned to her love of baking exceptionally beautiful cakes. This is what prompted Carol to go down the self-employment path. Her main goal is to build her business by doing something that she loves and takes pride in. Maria Stammers business adviser at the PDT Westminster Enterprise Centre has provided the support and business advice to help her go self-employed.  Carol has also received tuition on registering a domain name and building a website that is soon to be published. The Intellectual Property seminar that Carol attended has really helped her understand issues regarding her acquiring a trademark in the future. Carol is now self-employed and her confidence and motivation has grown tremendously. She continues to bake her specialty cakes to order.
If you haven’t ordered your Valentines cake yet, then give Carol a call on 07985 602 836


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