Sona Malanikova, Personal Trainer

Sona personal trainerSona Malanikova is a central London based personal trainer with years of experience at Aquilla in Knightsbridge. She specialises in training women looking for weight loss, muscle build and toning as well as pre/post natal clients, who are looking for a very individual and specific training. With their hectic/busy lifestyle they want to avoid busy gyms and enjoy their work out in the comfort of their house or in the park. Sona offers a personalised holistic approach to health and training.

Sona Malanikova – Personal Training offers services in the Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea area.

Main Motivation

To create a sophisticated, effective and friendly workout tailored specifically for each client to help them achieve their goals in the privacy/comfort of their house or in the park. Introduce a healthy approach to a balanced lifestyle that promotes confidence and positive energy in clients. Promote the success of clients in meeting their fitness goals. Celebrate their successes and help them set new fitness goals.

To start my own business specialising in training women, to help them improve their confidence as well as overall health.


Even though Sona has had years of working experience, she has had little knowledge of rules and regulations of self-employment. Since registering on the ESF programme with the support of business advisor Maria Stammers from the Westminster Enterprise Centre, Sona was able to start and develop her own business this year.

Sona has successfully made the transition from short time unemployment to a successful Personal Training business of her own. A journey made possible with assistance from the business support programme at the Westminster Enterprise Centre.


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