MedleyMore Sauces

We are so looking forward to the official launch of Saida’s Medley More Sauces!

About Saida
I was born in Mogadishu by mixed race Somalian parents spending the early years of my life in Mogadishu, Somalia where later my parents moved to Roma, Italy. It was there that I was taught how to cook Italian infused with Somalian cuisine.  The basis of the Medley More sauces belonged to an old recipe that had ran through our family for centuries. I have now decided they are too good to keep a secret”.
“My creative sauce’s come from an infusion of Somalian, Italian and Yemeni origin. With a blend of fresh fruits, spices and vegetables that are nutritionally good for you all Medley More sauces produce aromatic flavours and a rich taste that can be used in a variety of different dishes”.
Having lived in London the UK for many years I want to introduce my delicious sauces too people of all nationalities that would like to produce exotic dishes themselves. Hence the very English name I have chosen, Medley More, meaning an interesting medley of flavours

Saida Bairak

For more information please contact Saida Bairak directly on 07958 336 639


Medley More Sauces

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