Launching our really useful directory

JUF Launching our really useful directory

Jo Lynn @pryogi
New book out now! How To Win More PR Clients

If you are setting up in the food business great contacts can be really useful. Who do you use for your photography? Regarding product development, do you have to develop everything yourself, or can you employ a Home Economist to test your ideas and add the nutritional content and calories. We thought it would be a great idea if readers could submit details of people who have done good work for you – with a mini review and contact details so that you can spread the word. After all, it’s nice to give credit where it’s due.

MARTIN BRIGDALE is one of the UK’s top food photographers and as you will see from his website, he has worked for some of the world’s top chefs such as Michelle Roux creating wonderful editorial shots. He works for top magazines and has a client list of household names. Naturally, photographers like Martin do put a dent into the budget; but look at the shots he has on his website and you will know that he is worth it. He will make your food look mouth-watering, stylish and in keeping with your brand values. Money wise, there is some good news as Martin has plenty of props to style a shot – saving the need to hire plates and so on. His central London studio also comes equipped with a full working kitchen with a pro oven.

Trish Davis, home economist and food journalist
Trish is one of those hard working professionals that everyone has heard of.  For years, together with Alex Barker, Trish worked on one of the largest selling women weeklies, writing recipes and taking shots of the finished product for the magazine.  When she went freelance she was instantly in demand for shoots, styling, recipe development and nutritional labeling; it is so useful to be able to say what is in a portion of food, how many calories and how much fat and Trish can produce these facts rapidly. If you want help styling your shoot or developing your recipe ideas, I can’t recommend Trish enough.  Her email is e:


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