A new market in Maida Hill W9 launched last Saturday.  It is intended to be a showcase for wonderful artisan food producers and crafts people.  Ever greedy, I tasted, slurped and shopped my way round the market and also at Maida Hill Place, the food event venue and test kitchen which is situated just by the Maida Hill market site.  In no particular order I enjoyed some fruity and mellow oil from More Italy, a tradition Italian cooperative producing top quality Italian food; hot sauces and a new salsa and some Afro-Continental Cuisine from Ola’s Apron (highly recommended), great charcuterie and some authentic pancetta from Appetite, London (apparently pancetta keeps for ‘ever’ in the fridge, so buy a big bit and add it to recipes like stews and rice dishes to add a lovely smoky baconish flavour).  I enjoyed a glass of Vestal Vodka, a modern vodka producer created individual small batches of vodka made with fresh potato mash (the mash is only held for 48 hours to keep the vibrancy).  The vodka tastes of its terroir, the way wine does, so that one glass had a hint of butterscotch, the other tasted more of slightly bitter fruit (ok, I enjoyed two glasses!).  Also at the launch and coming soon to the market is Park + Bridge a truly neighbourhood wine shop serving interesting and individual wines that you cannot buy elsewhere. I didn’t get round to everyone.  O Toma O Morte had a fantastic cheese stand – with people queuing up to buy their unpasteurised mountain cheese, oysters, some really terrific craft pieces and much more.  The market is open from 10.00- 3.00pm every Saturday and also sells top quality meat, fish, summer fruits and lovely vegetables.  Turn your shopping into an event!

Jo Lynn @pryogi
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