Joined Up Food, PR training with Jo Lynn

PR Branding Seminar

JUF launches first training seminar with a PR Foundation course
If you haven’t come to one of JUF’s training days, you are missing a trick.  Free to women who are starting up in the food business and the price of proverbial peanuts to the rest of us (about 10% of the usual price), trainers are a mine of information and have years of industry experience.
I know this, as I run some PR seminars for JUF as part of my role as food consultant to the organisation.  I am not being modest; I genuinely have more than 30 years of experience in the business and have a mix of interesting clients and consultancies.  This April, I ran a PR foundation course for people setting up their businesses.  How to evaluate your company as a brand, decide on your messages, how to write a cracking press release, what is your USP? Which social media to use?  are all subjects covered in this whistle stop tour around PR. Look out for more vital seminars in the JUF diary.
One thing about the seminars is that you discover the next generation of companies that are soon  to trend.  I loved Ola’s Apron Shito, a blend of hot chilli oil with ginger, onions and garlic; it can be used a dozen ways in the kitchen, including as a wash for grilling meats, adding to soups or just plain old dolloping on dishes that need a bit of a kick.  My only regret is there isn’t a second, hotter version for chilli freaks like me; but I am sure there will be soon.  Ola’s is going to showcase at the soon to launch Saturday Maida Hill Market, Maida Hill Place.
Jo Lynn @pryogi
New book out now! How To Win More PR Clients


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