The Business Show 2013

The Westminster Enterprise Centre was present last Thursday for the 30th anniversary of  the Business Show that took place in Kensington Olympia. With more than 25 000 people and 350 exhibitors, the place was absolutely crowded by entrepreneurs, professionals and curious people.

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Depending of what interests you the most, the workshops and seminars were focusing on a large panel of subjects from social media to going global.  We were really pleased to discover that one part of the show was dedicated to the food sector. We took some lovely picture of the international food stands as you can see. A lot of the companies present were specialised in the take away food sector and were promoting their business through demonstrations, seminars and samples. Among the seminars which we attended, we have chosen to transcribe the one of the “Foodit Limited” company (@FOODitFOOD). Here is a summary of the seminar “15 tips to bring traffic to your restaurant & your website”:


1) Pick 3 dishes you know you will love/ Find a dish you can “own”
2) Pick 3 things that define the experience I will have
3) Find out  what makes me come back
4) Learn from the restaurants I choose over you
5) Give me a brand I can fall in love with


6) Create a welcoming restaurant
7) What is your website?
8) Help me find you online

-phone number
-opening times
-website link

9) Be convenient
10) Make a deal (a deal concerning several people or for example a discount for the first ten customers coming) Bring more people without hurting your finance


11) Wow me with your food and service
12) Turn me into your best marketer (word of mouth is the most efficient)
13) Keep me posted (for example a bowl with business cards and discounts inside or a website which allows people to give their contact details
14) Reply to my reviews
15) Get me involved (tweets, best photos, try the latest dishes…).

 Article by Marine Kassel


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