Bastille Day Festival

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The Westminster Enterprise Centre was actively present on Sunday at the Bastille Day Festival, Borough Market. The weather was amazing, with sunshine beaming, with all the various stalls and the happy people made the atmosphere electric. All the French people of London met to remember their country’s traditions or just to celebrate one of the most sacred days of France’s history, of course ,the historic French Revolution! All along the streets below the Southwark Church, it was possible to try any kind of food: from French, obviously, to Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish and so on. Many visitors got caught up in the fun and games that were throughout the whole of the market and many people decided to disguise themselves as the typical and stereotypical French person. Many games were organised for children such as the Guillotine’s head cutter! A terror that brought many laughs to the people around! Apart from this gruesome aspect of the French Revolution, there were street plays, comedies and even acrobats.  To sum up the experience, it was a lovely, and maybe a little hot, but a really pleasant experience. The food was great and the market was funny and  friendly. Vive La France! Marine Kassel


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