Moye Ubor

Fly Southwark

Moye Ubor successfully applied and won a bid from the flexible support  fund with a total value of £50,000. The project is called ‘Fly Southwark Workshops’ in March 2013. He thought that these varied workshops for young people aged 18 – 24 years would be extremely useful and catch their interest. The workshops were used to build their transferable skills and confidence and enable them to find and start work.

Moye first registered with the Westminster Enterprise Centre back in July 2012. His business advisor Maria Stammers, at Westminster Enterprise Centre, helped him put together a viable plan to raise funds for his new business.

I really enjoyed my time with the Westminster Enterprise Centre and working with Maria. Her knowledge getting set up in self-employment and funding streams was first class. I especially enjoyed the relaxed environment that Maria and Kim have developed and it allows you to express yourself and open up to new ideas. I would definitely recommend Westminster Enterprise Centre”.
Moye Ubor


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