Carnaby Sound Music Festival

The Carnaby Sound Festival took place last Saturday 6th July 2013. French Intern Marine Kassel and a friend went along to celebrate and experience the heritage of one of the most famous streets in London: Carnaby Street. Marine quoted ‘I can assure you that no other street can make you feel the vibrations of those who made it a success’.

Indeed, by walking in Carnaby Street on this sunny day, you could see people dancing, drinking and eating. So much fun was had whilst listening to the several bands and DJ’s paying tribute to the characters of the Rock n Roll history. Besides the several concerts, shops were all open to the visitors, offering countless promotions and deals on the day, obviously given that fashion and music have always been two complementary elements.
On the other hand, a large number of independent  restaurants were open, proposing discounts and an impressive variety of culture and local specialties. Consequently, a pleasure for all the senses. A unique experience of togetherness surrounded by flavours and culture in a wonderful atmosphere.

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