The Secrets of How to Prepare a Successful Business Plan

The Secrets of How to Prepare a Successful Business Plan Don’t put it off any longer. It does not matter if you are just starting your business or already running one you need an up-to-date business plan.  According to experts such as the Harvard Business School those businesses that plan are more likely to survive, thrive and be able to raise finance. Have you a vision, dream of success?  Turn your dreams into reality.                                     
This workshop will help you:

  • Hit or exceed your goals   
  • Focus and plan your business journey  
  • Checking viability – to avoid expensive mistakes  
  • Be prepared for most eventualities    
  • Raise finance   
  • Use all this information to write a simple but effective Business Plan

 Learn the easy way to prepare that successful business plan, including:    

  1. Preparation and research    
  2. Content required – what goes into the plan    
  3. Where to get the information    
  4. How to physically produce your plan

Who will be training you?
Your principal trainer is Laurie Bernard DipM MCIM MIoEE from The Business Services Partnership is delighted to back at the WEC.                                                                                                                                             
Guest Presenters:
Lindsay Fagan of Civvals Ltd Chartered Accountants from Marble Arch will introduce you to tax and record keeping for a hassle free life. Plus an experienced guest from the banking community Nick Howe from RBS letting you know the realities of financing your business.  Answering those questions you always wanted to ask.

The Diary Details:
Date: 27th March 2013 (Wednesday) 
Time:10.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. (registration 9.45)                       At: The PDT Westminster Enterprise Centre, 59 Elgin Avenue, London W9 2DB {N.B. entrance in Chippenham Road}

The Fee: Just £25 for the day pan London
Book today {Space is limited} 

Call PDT’s Westminster Enterprise Centre; 020 7266 0636; Email:


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