Fresh Fish found in Soho, Westminster

Antony Holmes arhFood Ltd.

If you find yourself in the heart of the West End, Berwick Street Market today make sure you visit Antony at his Fresh Fish Stall.

“You have to have faith in your fishmonger. I know where my fish comes from, and you can ask me.”

Berwick Street Market sells fruit, vegetables, fabrics and some clothes and household items. Dating back to 1778, there’s a long history of market trading here and it’s still going strong. With  Berwick Street being positioned in the heart of Soho, the market is popular with London’s media crowd and serves as a prime eating and shopping area for advertising execs come lunchtime. Record shops, material wholesalers and cafes line the streets surrounding Berwick Street Market so there’s plenty to do and see over and above what the stalls have to offer.

For more information you can contact Antony on 07736 675 315  @arhFood

Westminster Enterprise Centre, Business Planning Seminar on the 5th December 2012 from 9.45 – 12.30 to book please either call us on 020 7266 0636 or email


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