Beginners’ Guide to Running a Charity

 Seminar: Beginners’ Guide to Running a Charity

Westminster Enterprise Centre, 59 Elgin Avenue, London W9 2DB (entrance located on Chippenham Road)
15th May (Tuesday) 9.45 (registration) until 12.30pm

This session is aimed at people who want to set up a charity themselves or get their businesses involved with charities, but who have never worked with the sector before. It will cover the nuts and bolts of running a charity, some of the current controversies and challenges for charities and of course, the perennial challenge of raising funds.

Some questions people ask include:

  • Why do we need Trustees – and why can’t we pay them?
  • What should I do with volunteers who want to help?
  • Where can I find a celebrity to launch my fun-run?
  • How is a charity different from a normal business?
  • Who gives money to causes like mine?
  • When do I need to tell HMRC about my charity work?
  • Am I allowed to lobby politicians if I work for a charity?

For answers to all these and more, along with case studies and opportunities to discuss and refine your own charity ideas, this session is a must.

Presenter: Doreen McIntyre, who is formerly CEO of a small but high-profile UK charity. Doreen is a member of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations and the Institute of Fundraising. She offers consultancy services to charities on communication strategy, and is particularly interested in charities that combine campaigning with service provision.

To book a place on this Free seminar you must be a resident living in the borough of Westminster
Tel: 020 7266 0636


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