Create, Innovate, Protect

25th April 2012 here at the Westminster Enterpise Centre, 59 Elgin Avenue, W9 2DB
To book your place you on this event call us on 020 7266 0636 or email

Create, Innovate, Protect
Intellectual Property Explained

Your business will own or use Intellectual Property (IP).  Whether you are an online retailer or a service provider, a sole trader or a multinational your business will rely on IP.

Do you own your trading name?  You may for example have a limited company and a matching domain name and yet still be infringing some ones trade mark?

Do you own your own web site?  Are you aware of the rules of copyright ownership? In a recent survey 74% of businesses where unsure of who owned the copyright in their business when it was created by a third party?

Once you identify and secure ownership of the IP within your business you have the potential to fully exploit it.  Many businesses are now for example successfully franchising their business, could you?

This event will introduce you to the world of IP offering lots of examples to demonstrate how it can be used to benefit your business.

The event will help signpost you on your journey by, for example, utilising our free health check and online searches.

Can you afford to miss the opportunity to secure the future of your business?

Why not take time out from your busy schedule to come along to an event that will make a difference.

Previous attendees said

For example

“Great event, it really was worth coming”  J Smith – London

See you there

Business Outreach Team

Miles, Emma, Gary and Dave


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