An Introduction To Effective Selling Seminar

An Introduction To Effective Selling Seminar
For residents living in or have a business located in the Borough of Westminster
Can’t Sell Yourself?Grappling With Sales Problems?

Can’t Afford Your Own Sales Force?

  • Everyday Questioning Techniques
  • Introducing Features & Benefits 
  • Effective Communication For Winning Orders 
  • Selling Vs Closing
  • Five C’s Approach For Closing Cold Call Business
  1. Every day questioning techniques (how to use everyday verbal communication tools to obtain business)
  2. Introducing features and Benefits (how to give clients what they need not what you think they want)
  3. Effective communication for winning orders (how to listen effectively and win orders)
  4. Selling Vs Closing (you will learn how to qualify prospect into orders)
  5. 5C’s (A direct sales tool for calming situations, controlling situations, collecting information, confirming orders, consolidating customers

Date: Monday the 20th February 2012
Time: 9.45 am until 12.30 pm
Venue: 59 Elgin Avenue, W9 2DB (entrance on Chippenham Road)

To Book please contact:
Tel: 020 7266 0636


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