Cristina Codina Llavina is a qualified Alexander Technique teacher and a member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) with experience in teaching both individuals and groups from all walks of life.

The Alexander Technique is the only method which teaches us to become aware of and eliminate harmful postural habits.
Using the Alexander Technique you can become … balanced alert but relaxed focused effective confident
Anyone can benefit … Vitality and coordination improves. Breathing and speaking become easier. Movement becomes freer, lighter, and more enjoyable.

Cristina has experience in teaching; women only classes, mixed classes with ages ranging from 16-60, children’s groups, and has three years assisting in the Alexander Technique department of the Arts ED School of Acting,

References are available on request

Classes cost £30 per hour –excluding venue hire costs.

For more information contact
Mobile: 077 3421 9669
Home: 020 7266 5256.


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