Building a brand without a budget

5 Tips to build a brand with limited or no marketing budget

A brand is built up by a company to identify one item, a family of items or all items of that seller. It is important to build it correctly to represent the organisation.

Here are 5 tips to create a brand with limited or no marketing budget
1. Networking

The oldest trick in the trade, communication. As humans we have been speaking for countless of millenniums, we have technically been networking for as long as that too. The point of networking in business terms is to create a trustworthy, genuine link between companies or personnels.

The best way to network is to simply get out into the world and mingle by going to relevant events, joining groups of interests and reaching out to potential key figures to create relationships.

It is wise to aim to be a ‘powerful human resource’, this is so that other people will always remember to turn to you when they need ideas, help or just to refer to.

2. Social Media

With the worldwide rise of social media, almost every person has ties to a social media platform of some sort. This is key to building a brand in the 21st century because the potential that comes with social media is too high to ignore. Many brands use this to market campaigns to a wide audience.

You can’t just make an account on a website and gain millions of viewers straight away unfortunately so here are some advice on how to create a large following over time.

Interacting with customers is always beneficial, it adds a human interaction element between a company and their customers, it will also help build relations and a good reputation.

Constantly publishing good content that will increase traffic to your pages will inevitably increase the traffic too.

3. Blogging

This is proven to be a staple technique to build brand identity and it also helps search engine rankings for a website by increasing your backlink count and with the use of keywords, so it is certainly worthwhile investing time into. A blog is a form of controlled media that is similar to social media posts but usually much more in-depth and specific. It can be used for many purposes such as creating informative content that others may find useful, to provide knowledge on how to use specific predicts or almost anything.

A great reason to blog as mentioned before is to help search engine results, this inevitably raises your domain rank on search engines, which brings in a lot of attention to a website as Google will rank your page higher and higher

4. Visual

The forefront of an organisation is the visual branding, it plays a big part in how people perceive a company and it must equal to the company’s uniqueness, differentiation and value.

It is very important to spend as much time as possible perfecting your brand image because it is imperative to ensure the first impressions are consistent with everything about the company.

Branding isn’t just a simple logo, it is the whole package. It includes brand colours, presentation and templates used, just to name a few. The aim should be to produce a brand that has a combination of clear colours, design, symbols and a unique style.

An example would be at London Management Centre, the website has a clear orange, black and white colour scheme which remains consistent throughout their entire website and email campaigns for their training courses about leadership training.

5. Standards and Consistency

If you take a look at major corporations, they have always set their standards high. They would not be where they are now if they didn’t consistently make great products, have clear policies and offer amazing customer service.

Being able to maintain brand consistency is to ensure that everything is done to a very high level. A customer will always be loyal if they know their chosen companies will deliver what they expect and beyond. Apple for example has its customers who are always made to believe they are being delivered the most revolutionary products on the market.

Along with the products, ensure that everything else you do is flawless, including any marketing campaigns and customer service; the whole package has to be prestigious.

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